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1,000 NFTs
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Studio 54

54 Club is a private group of 1,000 artists, collectors, disruptors and futurists who value the world merging digital and physical.

54 Club NFT unlock 54's premium set of Creator features and is the only way to access our token-gated Discord, participate in web3 and art conversations, enter physical experiences, claim collaborative allowlist positions and more. Designed to give the early NFT community special access and utilities to digital collectibles from the world's most beloved brands.

50% of the mint and secondary royalties will go into the 54DAO governed by the holders and 5,4% of Degen Inc real shares, owner of Studio 54, will be transferred to the 54DAO for the community.

We'll let anyone do what they want with their domain and account, but we'll handle the curation process through 54DAO to ensure a safe place to play and grow. Sites first, then users and more.

- First 54 VIP Members are going to be hand picked to enhance the value of the Club.

- The remaining 946 NFT guests will be selected through a unique process.

VIP Members will have 50% of the votes on the 54DAO & Guest 50%.

54 Premium Tools:


  • Multi-link
  • Mailing list
  • Multistore
  • Whitelist process
  • Unlockable Content


  • Private Room (streaming)
  • Web3 events calendar
  • Members Map
  • Staking platform
  • Newsletter
  • NFT Generator
  • Contract Importer
  • Metaverse
  • Tokens Creator


  • Raffles / Giveaways
  • Physical Merch Store
  • Drops collabs
  • Vetted collab managers
  • Wallets analyzers
  • Inbox and Notification Center
  • DAO Generator
  • A.I. NFT Generator

There will be only 1,000 members of the NFT Club, they are the only ones that do not have a limit on the use of the platform and they will be valid as long as the service exists.

The platform that Studio 54 is creating is built-in CDN, so that nobody has the power to shut them down.

Your domain, your contract your users, your community.

Your royalties.

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Have questions?

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. Did we miss something? DM us on Twitter to ask anything else.

MetaMask’s standard text for anyone connecting their wallet (as of 3/2022) is “See address, account balance, activity, and suggest transactions to approve.” We don’t have any control over that and you’ll see that message when signing into any site with MetaMask.
Signing is the only way we can truly know that you are the owner of the wallet you are connecting. Signing is a safe, gas-less transaction that does not in any way give us permission to perform any transactions with your wallet.
We save your wallet and social info as a part of the registration step, so you can disconnect everything afterwards and your entry is still valid.
When you register, we store an encrypted version of your IP address and save it with your registration, but we never save or share your actual IP address and there is no way to get it from what we save.
If you fully registered, the only way your wallet wouldn’t be on the list of registered wallets is if the project removed it. We never deletes wallets from the list for any reason.