54 Pass

The 54 Pass is a collection of unique NFTs designed to give the early NFT community utilities and special access to digital collectibles from the world's most beloved brands. Each generative 54 Pass NFT grants early access and benefits to its holder within the 54 ecosystem, across its brands & IP, throughout the metaverse, and beyond.

50% of the mint and secondary royalties will go into the Studio 54 Collective, a DAO governance for the community.

54 Passes are going to be sold in a blind auction and no new 54 Passes will ever be minted again.

9% of Degen Inc. real shares, owner of Studio 54, will be transferred to the 54 DAO for the community.

Recur Pass Recur Pass Recur Pass Recur Pass

54 Pass Game Plan

Beta access to some of the biggest IP experiences in pop culture. And that's just phase 1.